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The Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) is a nonprofit housing corporation dedicated to improving the lives of low-income Philadelphians. Through our home preservation programs we make it possible for residents of Philadelphia to remain in their homes by improving the structural integrity, mechanical safety, energy efficiency and accessibility of their homes. PHDC has created many Philadelphia jobs through its preservation programs which have helped hundreds of thousands of Philadelphia residents since 1964.

JOB: Administrative Assistant I for PHDC
PHDC is looking for a self-starter to support the leadership team. Work involves areas such as obtaining facts, making evaluations and analyses. Must have the ability to be a quick learner and comprehend functions within the department assigned. Details

Job: Housing Rehabilitation Inspector II
PHDC is looking for a self-starter to support PHDC's leadership team. This is housing rehabilitation work providing assistance to property owners in the rehabilitation of their property to meet code standards.  Details

Job: GIS Systems Analyst
The Philadelphia Land Bank is looking for a self-starter to support the Information Systems and Data Analytics departments of the Philadelphia Lank Bank.  Details

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Weatherization Manual

Weatherization Manual

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Annual Report

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